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Williams & Partner is a partnership of recruitment and management consulting. Our consultants are characterized by their competence, responsibility and high commitment towards their assignments. This means that we keep on working until a successful result has been achieved.

We are a full service provider in consulting for all kinds of Human Resources issues like permanent recruitment, executive search training and development, compensation and salary systems, as well as outplacement services.

We offer you teams of specialists with long term experience in their fields of specialization. We can cover the whole Czech Republic and have offices and co-operation partners in other European countries.

Our philosophy

By creating New Opportunities we want to add value to people's lives every day by treating clients, candidates and co-workers with dignity and respect and taking the time to listen to them; in doing so, this job feels like a privilege.

Professional Service for us is defined as the quality fit to be used by our client. We try to differ from our competition in the things which make the difference in service for our clients. We evaluate our performance according to what has been achieved with the client at the end of a project.

We are not working for a quick deal and always keep the long term perspective, relationship and success factors in view. We also say “NO” if something or somebody does not fit with our core values

Our client portfolio

Our clients include international companies as well as established local enterprises which need to increase their candidate reach and improve their results.

References for specific areas can be found here. Please contact us for more information at: .

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At Williams & Partner we promote a friendly & competitive working environment, and we reward hard work, leadership & initiative.

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